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In any enterprise, evaluating the impact of your work is critical. At Vegas PBS, we measure our media-based educational programs and outreach services by how frequently they are used but also by the impact they have on those who use them. In other words, how do we educate, inform, inspire and empower those who watch our television programs or utilize our outreach services?

We also measure our television audiences. Traditionally, a new “TV Year” begins at the end of each September as the commercial networks offer their fall program premieres, and that’s also the time the Nielson company announces cumulative audience ratings from the previous year. I’m pleased to report that viewers like you made Vegas PBS the second most-watched PBS station among the largest markets in the country for the 2016-2017 television broadcast season. According to Nielson, our Whole Day Gross Ratings Points (GRPs) were more than double the national average of all PBS stations. Vegas PBS also registers an above average amount of viewership from recorded programs viewed at times other than our broadcast. Vegas PBS has been among the top three most-watched PBS stations for nine consecutive years.

In addition to Channel 10, viewers tune in at high numbers for our sub-channels as well. Vegas PBS Create was the second most-watched Create channel in the nation, with 30 percent higher viewership than the national average. And since its launch in January 2017, VEGAS PBS KIDS has grown the largest audience on the 24/7 PBS KIDS channel among other large television markets like Detroit, Phoenix, Dallas, Chicago and New York, with an audience rating of more than twice the national average.

Some of the most-watched programs on Vegas PBS Channel 10 during the past broadcast season were Victoria on Masterpiece, Ken Burns’ The Vietnam War, NOVA, Midsomer Murders, Spy in the Wild—a Nature Miniseries, Africa’s Great Civilizations and Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood. As we evaluate the impact of our television services, we are thrilled that these compelling programs garnered such large audiences, but we are even more heartened by the stories viewers tell us about how the programs have enriched their lives. They tell us that these programs enable their children to learn basic skills and how to share or express their feelings; help veterans heal from the wounds of war; inspire students to become scientists; give goosebumps to budding musicians; and help homebound seniors explore new worlds.

Your support allows public service media to provide the kind of richness that achieves significant ratings success AND powerful community impact. The educational and ratings success of Vegas PBS’ broadcast and digital channels is built on the foundation of strong financial support from members like you. More than 15,000 people have chosen to become Vegas PBS members and invest in the quality content they rely on Vegas PBS to provide. These donations allow us to acquire programming from PBS and half a dozen other providers. Thank you for tuning in and for your continued support.

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