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Tom Axtell
Tom Axtell, General Manager

Educational television was founded on the principle that at least one media channel should focus on programs that would inspire and educate.Today,  more than 86% of all U.S. television households watch PBS over the course of a year – making PBS the fifth most watched TV or cable channel  in the US and the channel ranked number one for educational content. As we prepare for the beginning of school this month, I hope you realize that because of your donations young families can rely on PBS KIDS programs like Sesame Street, Arthur and Daniel Tiger to provide high quality educational content that teaches basic skills needed for success in school.

As technology has evolved, our trusted children’s broadcast content has leapt to computers, tablets, smartphones, game devices and other platforms.This allows Vegas PBS to reach young learners wherever they are, anytime, anywhere, including the classroom.We also know it works.When our digital content is embedded into school curriculum, 56% of students showed an increase in critical thinking practices from pre- to post-test and outperformed state and national assessment norms by more than 10 points.

"…it’s easier than
ever for teachers and
parents to use technology
to help educate
our students.”

Gone are the days of film strips and microfilm in classrooms.Through our educational media, it’s easier than ever for teachers and parents to use technology to help educate our students. Parents and teachers can sign up for Vegas PBS LearningMedia and receive free access to thousands of resources to create personalized learning experiences for their students. The classroom content includes snippets from Ken  Burns’ documentaries and NOVA episodes you sponsor, plus custom material designed for specific lessons. Using a suite of new productivity tools, teachers have access to video, audio, documents, interactives, images and in-depth lesson plans, all indexed and searchable by standards, grade level, and subject area.

Vegas PBS LearningMedia launched its pilot program in August 2013 with approximately 8,000 registered users and 17,000 digital resources. Just two years later, we have more than 50,000 registered students, parents and educators and provide more than 100,000 standards-aligned resources.

Member support allows us to provide on-air television that lives up to those founding principles of education and enlightenment. We are able to leverage that support into additional corporate and grant funds that provide services like Vegas PBS LearningMedia that build on the strength of public media to improve teacher effectiveness and student achievement, to benefit the Southern Nevada community.Vegas PBS is part of the “New Nevada” offering accessible, accountable, and engaging tools to improve student performance.




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