A Year of Success

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A Year of Success

Vegas PBS’ fiscal year ended June 30. For the fifth quarter in a row, you allowed us to exceed our revenue and membership goals without increasing the number of days on air. Pledge minutes in our primetime and daytime children’s programming are below national averages, so thank you for responding quickly and generously. Several programs debuting this month including Time Scanners, History Detectives Special Investigations and A Capitol Fourth are a direct result of your gifts.

The end of a financial year is a time to reflect on past results and anticipate the future. For the current television season through the end of May, PBS jumped from the eighth most watched television or cable network to sixth, with nearly 90% of all U.S. television households – that’s 217 million people – watching over the course of a year. Locally, this translates into almost 2 million viewers a year.

In our new century, “television” has thrown off the shackles of time. Most of our programs are available on your schedule via VegasPBS.org, home digital recorders, Roku or Apple TV, mobile phones or tablets, and even game consoles. As a result, PBS has had extremely strong audience growth in the digital space. Four years ago, Americans watched 2 million of our videos online a month. Last April, PBS had more than 312 million program streams on our web and mobile platforms. Visits to our PBS KIDS’ educational site have been particularly strong. In April, streaming on PBSKIDS.org accounted for almost half (43.5%) of all time spent by children watching kids videos online!

Additionally, the works your donations support have been recognized with countless awards that represent the pinnacle of achievement in our industry. PBS producers were honored with three Webby Awards and twelve Peabody Awards – six times more than any other media organization. PBS was recently nominated for three Television Critics Awards, for FRONTLINE, Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood and Sesame Street. Locally, Vegas PBS earned a record five regional Emmy nominations.

These successes are the result of a true sense of collective purpose among unique viewers who make investments in local PBS stations to fulfill an essential public service mission designed to help everyone – of every age and from every walk of life – reach their full potential. Vegas PBS works every day to provide trusted educational programming that is uniquely different from commercial broadcasting – treating viewers as citizens, not simply consumers. As you page through this month’s Vegas PBS Source magazine, I hope you will take great pride in the remarkable program content annual fund and sustainer gifts make possible for everyone in our community.





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