Rumors, Gossip, and Teasing: It Hurts

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Rumors, gossip, taunting, teasing and bullying are all forms of harassment. Harassment is when someone or a group of people targets someone else with the goal of making them feel bad. Teasing and taunting might get you angry, but there are healthy ways to deal with it and how it makes us feel. Sometimes the best thing to do is just ignore it. You can avoid people who say mean things. If you see others being bullied and picked on, you should say something to stop it. Helping the person being picked on will help you feel good about yourself, too.

Notes: Great Video...the .39 second clip comes from this video. Questions for Discussion are embedded within video. The vignettes are relevant and appropriate for elementary through 6th grade. Connects well to K-5 Health Curriculum.

HEALTH STANDARD: NACS 4.25/1.5.5a, 2.5.5, 3.5.5; NACS 4.5.5/5.5.5a, 5.5.5b
RUN TIME: 15:15

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