Bullying: There's Always a Way Out

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Bullying has moved past face-to-face interaction. Junior High and High School students present real-life scenarios of bullying, including bullying through the Internet, texts and video. Difficult and distressing situations in a variety of settings are addressed, followed by both unproductive actions and resolutions that work. This program covers bullying from its painful beginning to its peaceful end.

HEALTH STANDARD: Health 8 - 1.2 (NACS 5.8.4); 1.3 (NACS 2.8.2), 13.2 (NACS 1.8.8), 13.3 (NACS 1.8.8), 13.6 (NACS 1.8.8 & 4.8.5)
RUN TIME: 25:06

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