Stay in School Tips for Students

  • Avoid bad influences and situations. Don't let careless mistakes or laziness ruin all of your planning and hard work.5
  • You may seek extra help from your teachers when you do not understand an assignment, or when you have been absent and have missed assignments and class discussions.2
  • Having a good attendance record reflects your sense of responsibility and initiative as you apply for jobs, the armed forces, vocational programs or higher education.2
  • It is suggested that you bring basic supplies (paper, pencil) until each teacher provides a supply list for each particular course.2
  • Complete assigned work on time. Be courteous and pay attention in class.2

  • No matter what they say, there are wonderful things about you. Keep those in mind instead of the disrespectful messages you get from the people who are bullying you.7
  • The student planner is an excellent organizational tool for students. Students should write down the learning objective and homework assignments from each class in their planner every day.2
  • All students should take an active interest in at least one organization for their own social development.2
  • Watch for flyers that are sent home via your student. Frequently, schools send information home with students in the form of flyers, alerting parents about upcoming events.2
  • It is the responsibility of students to request the missing work and follow the teachers’ procedures for turning in work.2
  • Most teachers are available before and after school to provide assistance to students who need additional help.2
  • Students are expected to take full responsibility for bringing necessary items to school, such as homework, projects, supplies, and lunch.2
  • Stay focused. Keep your grades up. Polish your study skills.5
  • Talk to people who have graduated from your school and have gone on to postsecondary study. Talk to counselors, teachers, and family friends about programs and schools that match your interests.8
  • Learn to use as many kinds of software as you can (word processing, spreadsheets, and web site design will be especially helpful).8
  • First tests are often “wake up” calls to let you know what is expected.8
  • It’s your responsibility to check with your instructor to see if requirements are being met.8
  • Although 8th, 9th and 10th grades are early in your school career, they are important times to begin thinking about and planning for those things you will be looking forward to after graduation.8


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