American Graduate Day 2014 Videos

American Graduate Day, Vegas PBS Segment

Vegas PBS American Graduate
Chaparral High School Featured in Day-long Multiplatform Event Celebrating “Stories of Champions”.

American Graduate Day: Career Readiness and College Completion

Vegas PBS American Graduate
American Graduate Day, a nationwide broadcast outreach event addressing the dropout crisis.

American Graduate Day 2014 returned for its third consecutive year. Wes Moore, best-selling author and U.S. Army veteran, hosted the all-day broadcast. Vegas PBS was chosen as one of four PBS stations across the country to provide a live, national, seven-minute remote focusing on a specific area related to high school dropout prevention. Hosted by local news anchor Olivia Fierro, the Vegas PBS segment featured Dave Wilson, former principal of Chaparral High School who was instrumental in the high school’s turnaround success; Jennifer Lopardo, Communities in Schools of Nevada on-site coordinator; and Jessica Suarez, a Chaparral High School student.

2014 American Graduate Day by the hour

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Vegas PBS Wins Awards for American Graduate. Learn more.


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