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LEED Certification - Criteria

Sustainable Sites

Erosion & Sedimentation Control

Site Selection

Development Density

Brownfield Redevelopment

Alternative Transportation, Public Transportation Access

Alternative Transportation, Bicycle Storage & Changing Rooms

Alternative Transportation, Alternative Fuel Vehicles

Alternative Transportation, Parking Capacity and Carpooling

Reduced Site Disturbance, Protect or Restore Open Space

Reduced Site Disturbance, Development Footprint

Stormwater Management, Rate and Quantity

Stormwater Management, Treatment

Landscape & Exterior Design to Reduce Heat Islands, Non-Roof

Landscape & Exterior Design to Reduce Heat Islands, Roof

Light Pollution Reduction

Water Efficiency

Water Efficient Landscaping, Reduce by 50%

Water Efficient Landscaping, No Potable Use or No Irrigation

Innovative Wastewater Technologies

Water Use Reduction, 20% Reduction

Water Use Reduction, 30% Reduction

Energy & Atmosphere

Fundamental Building Systems Commissioning

Minimum Energy Performance

CFC Reduction in HVAC&R Equipment

Optimize Energy Performance - ground source heatpumps

Renewable Energy, 5%

Renewable Energy, 10%

Renewable Energy, 20%

Additional Commissioning

Ozone Depletion

Measurement & Verification

Green Power

Materials & Resources

Storage & Collection of Recyclables

Building Reuse, Maintain 75% of Existing Shell

Building Reuse, Maintain 100% of Shell

Building Reuse, Maintain 100% Shell & 50% Non-Shell

Construction Waste Management, Divert 50%

Construction Waste Management, Divert 75%

Resource Reuse, Specify 5%

Resource Reuse, Specify 10%

Recycled Content, Specify 5% (post-consumer ½ post-industrial)

Recycled Content, Specify 10% (post-consumer ½ post-industrial)

Local/Regional Materials, 20% Manufactured Locally

Local/Regional Materials, of 20% Above, 50% Harvested Locally

Rapidly Renewable Materials

Certified Wood

Indoor Environmental Quality

Minimum IAQ Performance

Environmental Tobacco Smoke (ETS) Control

Carbon Dioxide (CO2 ) Monitoring

Ventilation Effectiveness

Construction IAQ Management Plan, During Construction

Construction IAQ Management Plan, Before Occupancy

Low-Emitting Materials, Adhesives & Sealants

Low-Emitting Materials, Paints

Low-Emitting Materials, Carpet

Low-Emitting Materials, Composite Wood & Agrifiber

Indoor Chemical & Pollutant Source Control

Controllability of Systems, Perimeter

Controllability of Systems, Non-Perimeter

Thermal Comfort, Comply with ASHRAE 55-2001

Thermal Comfort, Permanent Monitoring System

Daylight & Views, Daylight 75% of Spaces

Daylight & Views, Views for 90% of Spaces

Innovation & Design Process

Innovation in Design: Educational Display

Innovation in Design: Green Housekeeping

Innovation in Design: Telecommuters

Innovation in Design: KLVX - Sustainable TV Program

LEED™ Accredited Professional


Educational Technology Campus

3050 E. Flamingo Road
Las Vegas, NV 89121
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